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Rooting Gardens in California Native Plants

Spring is prime bloom time in California native plant gardens. Photo by Allison Kidder What if, with one fell swoop, you could support wildlife, provide yourself with beautiful daily scenes of birth and regrowth, all while using barely any resources or …

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Circumambulating the Little Hill

From the 338-foot summit of Albany Hill, Margot Cunnigham surveys sweeping vistas of the Golden Gate, Oakland, the East Bay hills, Mt. Tamalpais, and beyond. “So many people don’t know about this place,” says Cunningham, the city of Albany’s natural ar …

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Pedal Assist: Will Corporate Lending Programs Spur Bike Commuting?

Photo courtesy of Genentech. A series of music, food and fitness events are happening in San Francisco this week to welcome people back to the downtown area after two years of working from home. However, will returning to the commute be just like ridin …

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Smoothing the Way for New Pedestrian Paths

Charlie Bowen, Path-building Lead for the Berkeley Path Wanderers Association and Chair of the Board of Directors for the Bay Area Ridge Trail. Photo courtesy of Charlie Bowen Charlie Bowen had no idea that a network of walking paths wound through the …

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Green Energy from Green Bins

Photo: Katherine Fraser Waste disposal teaches an important lesson on sustainability: one size doesn’t fit all. From the trucks themselves to what happens to their contents, “going green” can present unique challenges; battery power that is right for a …

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Empowering Youth to Take on Climate Change

Lil Milagro Henriquez Photo: Jessica Arroyo When smoke from the Tubbs fire shrouded the Bay Area in the fall of 2017, Lil Milagro Henriquez choked on the poisoned air. “I couldn’t breathe,” recalls Henriquez, who then worked as Director of Organizing a …

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Transportation Transformation

Photo: SFMTA A new Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) advisory group tasked with evaluating governance reforms met for the first time on January 10 amid pressure to create a cohesive regional transit system that people would use for more trip …

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Ridge To Ridge: Circumnavigating the Ridge Trail

Loma Alta, Novato. Photo: Scott Markewitz When William Penn Mott Jr. looked out at the Bay Area landscape, he saw more than discrete ranges of hills separated by river valleys and tidal basins. He saw a connection: a single trail that linked the ridge …

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North Bay Confronts Coal-By-Rail

  Sonoma-Marin Transit (SMART) passenger train waiting at station. Credit: Creative Commons Residents of the Bay Area have fought several battles over the past decade to prevent the movement of coal shipments along the region’s rail lines and thro …

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The Magic of Winter Light

Laguna de Santa Rosa, by Sergio Lopez. Outdoors in our region at this time of year, winter light is less assertive than its summer counterpart. Hues are softer, and leafy shadows tat ephemeral quilts on the wall. More than a visual phenomenon, this sub …

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