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Bay Area Landscape

Air Quality Insights– Neighborhood by Neighborhood

The old real estate mantra, “Location, location, location”, also applies to the quality of your air, and for some of the same reasons. Data provided by detailed regional mapping studies shows that the income level, home ownership patterns, and racial d …

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RIP: The Indomitable Spirit of Hale Zukas

This Tribute of Hale Zukas, written by public service advocate Gail Murray, originally appeared on her personal blog here. It is being reproduced in its entirety for the Bay Area Monitor. Hale Zukas, a pioneer of national disability rights, died on Nov …

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Taking a Whole-House Approach to Asthma Prevention

An emergency room visit for an asthma crisis is always stressful. Advice from doctors and healthcare workers on managing the asthma may create more stress – simple and cheap measures such as careful housecleaning are often in place already, but additio …

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Exploring San Jose’s Growing Trail Network

On a sunny Sunday in late October, I took my e-bike on BART from El Cerrito to the Berryessa station to explore parts of San Jose’s 63-mile trail network. Sixty-three miles of trails? In sprawling, auto-centric San Jose? As a long-time resident of the …

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Bringing Butterflies to Market Street

Plans to create living roofs atop canopy structures protecting Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station entrances in San Francisco are underway as part of a pilot program.  BART has partnered with the environmental nonprofit Nature in the City to create t …

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Challenging Climate Change

Facing a challenge is often easier when you’re not doing it alone.  Whether it’s dieting, dealing with substance abuse, or building homes for Habitat for Humanity, a group brings support — and maybe some friendly competition — to make the process more …

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Cooling It

It’s late summer, and across the Bay Area, the heat has been building, prompting many residents to turn on their air conditioning – if they have it. A lot of housing built along the West Coast didn’t consider the possibility of American Southwest-level …

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Cut to the Quick: Transit Looks to Rapid Bus Upgrades

Several Bay Area transit agencies are improving bus reliability and cutting travel time with speedy bus routes in dedicated lanes — an offering that could expand as operators assess commute needs post-pandemic. Today, bus-speed improvements are on Van …

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El Cerrito’s 50-year Impact on the Recycling World

At the 50th anniversary celebration for the El Cerrito Recycling Center on Aug. 5, Anura Saliya Pieris of Sri Lanka made a hat for his daughter, Lakshmi, out of old atlases recovered from the center’s home-goods exchange zone. Pieris had toured the bel …

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Inspiring the Next Generation of Environmental Journalists

Journalist Felicity Barringer had covered government for decades — first at The Bergen Record in New Jersey, then at The Washington Post, and finally at The New York Times — so when she became the Times’ national environmental correspondent in 2003, it …

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