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Urban Agriculture Showcase: Extra Photos from the New Monitor

Monitor open space writer Aleta George’s latest article, “City Grown: Incentivizing Agriculture in the Urban Environment”, covers urban agriculture in the Bay Area and features sites in San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland. Here’s a closer look at those sites through the lens of Monitor editor Alec MacDonald’s camera.



18th and Rhode Island Permaculture Garden, Potrero Hill, San Francisco, May 23, 2017












Valley Verde Greenhouse Grand Opening, 466 West San Carlos Street, San Jose, May 25, 2017

Jaime Chen of La Mesa Verde and Raul Lozano of Valley Verde





Thang Do, architect and 466 West San Carlos Street property owner


Antonio Altamirano, Valley Verde gardener


Santa Clara County District 4 Supervisor Ken Yeager







Planting Justice Nursery and Aquaponics Farm Incubation Center, Sobrante Park, Oakland, May 25, 2017

Chris Lockett of Planting Justice











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