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Remembering Polly Amrein

Polly Amrein (photo courtesy of Greenbelt Alliance)

Polly Amrein (photo courtesy of Greenbelt Alliance)

Members of the League of Women Voters and friends of the Bay Area Monitor were saddened to learn of the passing of Polly Amrein earlier this month.

For more than a decade, Polly served as a League observer of BART board meetings. She attended the vast majority of these twice-monthly meetings, taking diligent notes and collecting informational handouts. She compiled these materials into reports that she delivered to the Monitor office, arriving with a warm smile on her face and a walking stick in her hand. Her reports helped keep the League apprised of the latest developments at one of the Bay Area’s busiest transit districts.

Observing government meetings in this way has been a key element of League work; it helps hold elected officials accountable, promotes transparent decision-making, and raises awareness about critical issues. However, the effort can often feel tedious and unrewarding, demanding patience and concentration through many a complex debate or dull presentation. Nonetheless, Polly tackled her observation duties with perseverance and good cheer.

Not only did she volunteer in this capacity, but she also served as a member of the Monitor oversight committee and the LWVBA Transportation Committee, and could frequently be found at League events, both local and regional. Her involvement with the organization capped off a lifetime of altruistic pursuits that took her all over the world.

We are grateful for all she that did for the League, and we will miss her.

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