Waves of Grain

During the COVID-19 pandemic, baking has become a popular and passionate pastime for countless people sheltering in place. They might not be aware, however, that every time they measure out [...]

A Safe Passage for Wildlife

Animals are on the move. Whether we are aware of their movements or not, wildlife migrates by day and by night to hunt, mate, forage, and flee danger. We have a wealth of open space here in the [...]

Hitched to the Region

The San Francisco Bay Area is unique. Most of us who live here feel a connection not only to the city or town we live in, but also to the region. We are citizens of both. We feel affiliated with [...]

Rules of the Trail

With summer beckoning and some wildflowers still in bloom, it’s time to get out on the trails. Fresh on the heels of National Trails Day on June 1, people have extra momentum to keep hiking [...]

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