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Spin Cycle: Oakland Prepares New E-Bike Lending Library

Denver’s first e-bike library, managed by Northeast Transportation Connections, launched August 7 to support essential workers with their commutes. Credit: Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency City and County of Denver (CASR) The Oa …

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Coexisting with Coho During Drought

Young coho salmon. Photo by Morgan Bond/NMFS When Bolinas farmer Peter Martinelli decided to help coho salmon by boosting summer water levels in Pine Gulch Creek, which runs through his land, he had no idea that the project would take two decades to co …

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Power to the Needy: Microgrids, Part II

Editor’s Note: If you’re arriving here from an email communication looking for an article about coho salmon, please follow this link to continue: Sorry for the confusion! With the …

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A PSA for Veterans

I was thirteen the last time I had known my country in peace. Since then, I have spent more than sixty percent of my life as a citizen of a Nation at War. And, yesterday, in Kabul, all the effort of these last 20 years of “Nation Building” disappeared …

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One Step, One Sunday at a Time

A small group of women, average age sixty, recently walked the entire San Francisco Bay Trail, including the unfinished portions. They finished where they started in Emeryville after a four-year, nearly 500-mile adventure, and they did it by walking the segments contiguously one Sunday a month.

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Editor’s Letter: Summer 2021

Dear Readers, Welcome (back) to the Bay Area Monitor, again. We are excited to return to publishing longform journalism again to supplement the weekly Monitor Notes. While we won’t be packaging our content cleanly in editions like before, we plan to pu …

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Crossing into the Future

A view of Bay Bridge construction on a tour with the League of Women Voters on December 7, 2006. Photo by Alec MacDonald. A few months after I started this job as editor of the Bay Area Monitor back in 2006, I joined a group of League members for a boa …

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Keeping Pace with the Natural State of Things

Michael Adamson. Photo by Melvin Kneip. Around the end of 2019, a friend and I hiked the Skyline-to-Sea trail. The trail begins in Castle Rock State Park (where I spent many weekends in high school learning to rock climb), meanders along a ridgeline of …

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Where to Next? Advocacy Group Charts Regional Transit Reform

Seamless Bay Area wants to unify the region’s 27 transit agencies into an integrated network. Image courtesy Seamless Bay Area. Since advocacy group Seamless Bay Area launched in 2018, it’s been asking people what prevents them from using transit and i …

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Keeping the Lights on with Microgrids

Fire Station 11 is one of three in Fremont to have been equipped with solar-powered microgrids, saving on energy costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Photo courtesy the City of Fremont. Self-reliance is an appealing concept, evoking the image o …

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