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Need for Reduced Speed

Elizabeth Colomello speaks at the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims on November 21. Credit: William McCleod Families and friends gathered at San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza on November 21 to mark “World Day of Remembrance for Road Tr …

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Building Environmental Justice from the Inside 

Nahal Ghoghaie (center, back) with other participants of the Women’s Foundation of California Local Policy Fellowship. Credit: Nahal Ghoghaie When Nahal Ghoghaie began her career in environmental justice, she advocated for vulnerable communities from t …

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Bay Area Monitor! We’d like to thank our supporters and sponsors that make our journalism possible. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the East Bay Regional Parks Distri …

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Redefining Refineries, but not Emissions

Phillips 66 refinery on highway 80. The shift away from fossil fuels could leave refineries behind, unless they make significant changes – and that is just what is proposed for two Bay Area facilities, Phillips 66 in Rodeo and Marathon Oil’s Martinez r …

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Should We Use Open Space to Help Solve the Housing Crisis?

View of Point Molate from the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. -Jack Scheinman Update: The public hearing for the future of Point Molate has been postponed from November 2021 to spring of 2022. Nearly 25 years ago, the U.S. Navy transferred more than 400 ac …

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Cracking Down on Refinery Emissions

Shell refinery in Martinez. Wikimedia Commons A “cat cracker” may sound like a child’s snack, but call it by its full name — fluidized catalytic cracking unit — and it is obviously something far different. Cat crackers are a central piece of refinery e …

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Hubs of Activity: Pilot Project to Boost Mobility Options

A traveler departs MacArthur Station. Credit: Office of BART District Architect Commuters going in and out of the MacArthur BART Station in Oakland’s Temescal District consider the hub convenient because it runs multiple lines and frequent service. But …

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Fair Housing, Fair Challenge

Photo by Karl Nielsen Few would disagree that the Bay Area needs housing, as residents reckon with homelessness or leave the region for more affordable outlying areas. Where to put that housing, on the other hand, seems to be the million-dollar questio …

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Just Go: The Role of Restrooms in Park Equity

A new vault toilet installed at Black Diamond Mines park. Credit: EBRPD “Restrooms are critical infrastructure,” says Jim O’Connor, assistant general manager of operations at East Bay Regional Park District. A hiker, a mom with kids, a mountain biker r …

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Breathing Room

Photo by CDC on Unsplash Summer and fall often bring poor air quality—and Spare the Air Days—adding to the problems of Bay Area residents already struggling with respiratory illnesses. Some live in areas with local pollution sources, and lack money to …

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