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Monitor Notes: Women’s History Month, housing, transportation, and planning.


Welcome to Monitor Notes, a weekly roundup of news items, event announcements, and updates on past Bay Area Monitor articles.


Women’s History Month

The East Bay Regional Parks District is celebrating Women’s History Month with free online fitness classes all month. In addition, they’ve posted stories to their website that celebrate women founders, groundbreakers, and valuable contributors to the District’s history. Among them is current General Manager Sabrina Landreth, who just celebrated her 1 year anniversary at the head of the District yesterday. There’s also a history video on the women of East Bay Parks from last year that’s still very much worth checking out.


Housing and Transportation


The Human Face of Homelessness
Wednesday March 9th, 6:30-8:00pm

The League of Women Voters of Fremont, Newark, and Union City is holding a an online presentation to learn about the challenges faced by those without homes and solutions that will enable our entire community to flourish. Speakers include a local high school student who conducted interviews with the homeless and the City of Fremont Human Services Director who will explain the hurdles we face in eliminating this crisis. Registration (required to attend) can be found here.


SPUR Talks Transportation
Wednesday March 9th, 12:30-1:30pm
Thursday March 10th, 12:30-1:30pm

Chris Jones is Director of the CoolClimate Network, a university-government-industry partnership at the University of California, Berkeley. He also serves as faculty lecturer in the Haas School of Business, and Program Chair (12th year) of the Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference.

Jones is a leading expert in carbon footprint analysis, the design of behavior-based programs and regional climate policy. In 2005, he published the first comprehensive carbon footprint calculator, which accounts for the greenhouse gas emissions of all transportation, energy, food, goods and services purchased by U.S. households.  Through research, tools, education, outreach, and networking CoolClimate seeks to help shift talent and resources to the most promising climate solutions.


Regional Climate Planning


Greenbelt Alliance Annual Report

Greenbelt Alliance’s Annual Report is here. From their Executive Director, Amanda Brown-Stevens: “I believe the legacy of 2021 will be the dawning realization that our future holds more big challenges with uncertain answers. As we face them, we must learn to adapt more quickly, integrate new information and shift courses when necessary, accept uncertainty, and work together. In other words, we must become more resilient.”


MTC and Air District Team Up

The Metropolitan Transportation Comission announced last month that they would be working closely with the Air District to monitor air quality across the bay. Read their press release here, which goes into greater detail about the partnership, MTC’s climate initiatives, and the reasons for Spare the Air days in winter. Photo by Joey Kotfica



Banner Photo: Joey Kotfica

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