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Monitor Notes: MLK Day, Coho Salmon, League Day


Welcome to Monitor Notes, a weekly roundup of news items, event announcements, and updates on past Bay Area Monitor articles.

Wet weather this winter brought more than engorged streams and a deep snowpack. Recently, endangered coho salmon have returned to some Bay Area streams where they haven’t been seen since the mid 2000s.

Read more about the effort to restore streams and protect coho salmon with the Monitor’s Robin Meadows, “Coexisting with Coho Salmon.” Photo by Morgan Bond/NMFS


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

This past Monday marked the celebration of the life and indispensable contributions towards equality and civil rights for all Americans. Here are some highlights from across the Bay Area.

The Oakland Public Library held a public, virtual film festival featuring films on MLK’s life and the civil rights movement. While the opportunity to participate in the community discussion has passed, the films can still be viewed on the library’s website (find links to the videos here) provided you have an Oakland Library card. Any resident of California can get a library card; you don’t need to be a citizen or have a permanent address.

While the surge of the omicron variant of COVID-19 put a lot of the public outdoor activities on hold this year, the Northern California Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Foundation ( has made their celebration program available online. The hour-long table talk, “Toward Justice” features speakers discussing social justice and civil rights in the 21st century.

Bay Area League Day: February 19th, 10am

Solving for Housing
The Nexus of Housing Policy and Climate Policy

Registration is now open for Bay Area League Day!

Experts estimate that California is short over 3.5 million homes. Solving for Housing tackles how best to increase housing supply while combating the existential threat of climate change. How will we provide adequate housing while doing all possible to address impending climate risks?

Register for the virtual event here.


Bay Area Goings-On

Brooks Creek and Falls
January 23rd, 9:00am

Opt outside this Sunday by joining the Greenbelt Alliance for a hike along the Brooks Creeks trail, featuring views of waterfalls that should be surging from the recent winter rains. Save your spot on the hike by registering here. Plan for a brilliantly clear and chilly Sunday morning.


East Bay Trail Challenge 2022
January 24th, 12:30pm

SPUR is hosting an online event highlighting Southern California’s Essential Housing Campaign, an effort to build affordable housing in the Southern California Region. SPUR’s event will discuss how that initiative operates, and how it could be emulated here in the Bay Area. Register here.



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