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Monitor Notes: Earth Day, Outdoor Advocacy, River Cleanup, and LWVBA Town Hall

Welcome to Monitor Notes, a weekly roundup of news items, event announcements, and updates on past Bay Area Monitor articles.


Scratching Earth Day’s Surface

Tomorrow is Earth Day, but you can start celebrating today at noon during Greenbelt Alliance’s climate leader series. The event features Lara Hansen (pictured), chief scientist and executive director at nonprofit EcoAdapt, who will join Greenbelt Alliance’s Executive Director Amanda Brown-Stevens for an online discussion. Hear them explain what adaptation and resilience mean and how these concepts can help restore the Earth — the theme of Earth Day 2021. The speakers also will describe what it means for the Bay Area to become more resilient to a changing climate through case studies and other examples. Scour the ends of the Monitor’s Earth coverage for additional views, including a 2020 article by Open Space Reporter Aleta George. She interviewed noted environmentalists about the history and importance of Earth Day on the 50th anniversary of this global event.


Great Outdoors Advocate

Since Earth celebrations can occur anytime, the Sierra Club’s Outdoors for All campaign wants to help people become everyday outdoor advocates. During an April 26 Instagram Live event at noon Eastern time, panelists will discuss how to make choices daily to protect the planet, people, and places we love. “We want to guide people who love to spend time in nature and make the connection that these places need to be protected, especially if we want to share them with future generations,” the nonprofit group said in an event description.


Spring Cleanup

Removing litter from local waterways is an ongoing need. Consider picking up trash from creeks, rivers, and watersheds as part of National River Cleanup 2021. Santa Clara County’s Valley Water is encouraging people to sign up for a Saturday of their choice in May, participating in a socially distanced cleanup in their neighborhood and local natural areas. Bring grocery bags and gardening gloves, collect what you can carry during your cleanup, and dispose of debris in trash and recycling bins in your home. Volunteers collected about 47,000 pounds of trash on National River Cleanup Day in Santa Clara County in 2019.


Talk of the Town Hall

As part of Earth Day reflections, think about efforts that benefit communities and contribute to local policy changes. The League of Women Voters of the Bay Area is inviting residents to its May 1 biennial council meeting, “Action, Advocacy, and Collaboration: League Town Hall,” from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Near the top of the event schedule are timely policy briefings. The climate group from the LWV Berkeley-Albany-Emeryville will speak about climate change and sustainability priorities, followed by Michael Lane, state policy director at advocacy group SPUR. He will address housing and homelessness issues. Bay Area League leaders also will talk about their priorities for 2021-22 and share the success and challenges faced during the pandemic. Register here and let the Monitor know what advocacy priorities you’re following.



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Banner photo courtesy Creek Connections Action Group.

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