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Monitor Notes: Spring Break Edition

Welcome to Monitor Notes, a weekly roundup of news items, event announcements, and updates on past Bay Area Monitor articles.


Rebuilding Bay Area Transit

Under our new COVID-19 reality, transit ridership and revenue has plummeted, putting our transportation system in peril. What can you do to most effectively engage on transit issues and address the situation? Join Seamless Bay Area, San Francisco Transit Riders, and TransForm for a webinar tomorrow (April 9) from noon to 1 p.m. to get some answers in a discussion that will focus on structural reform, legislation, and emergency and recovery funding.


Science for All

We’ve been mentioning Monarch butterflies a lot lately in Monitor Notes. Why? Because they’re headed for extinction. What can you do to help? Try listening to Mary Ellen Hannibal’s TED Talk on saving both those majestic creatures and the earth. You can get more of Hannibal’s thoughts on protecting our planet in the April/May Monitor, or catch her in an April 30 webinar to learn more about your power to make change through science.


Invisible Threats

Why are humans wired to respond to some fears and emergencies more than others? That’s one question at the center of COVID-19 and Climate: Human Response, a recent Climate One program in which professors Peter Atwater (pictured), Susan Clayton, and Robert Frank discussed why an invisible, life-threatening virus has prompted a nationwide emergency while the invisible, life-threatening gases driving climate change haven’t. Watch video of the March 24 event here (program commences about ten seconds after link is opened).


Get Your Fill

If you follow the Monitor closely, you know we pay a lot of attention to stormwater, and if that coverage gets you going, check out the Pacific Institute’s new article on the subject in PLOS ONE. If that’s not enough water news for you, dip into Circle of Blue‘s article on how water agencies have been worrying about staff shortages during the coronavirus pandemic. After that, consider using your time at home and the info you just read to apply for a community stewardship grant from the Clean Water Program (Alameda County only).


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