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Monitoring the Monitor – CASA, Codes, Ghost Fleet, & Greenprint

Keeping tabs on some of the Monitor‘s recent articles…

The Committee for Affordable and Sustainable Accommodations (CASA) that Cecily O’Connor wrote about for the February/March edition has begun work addressing the Bay Area’s housing affordability challenges. Members of a steering committee (which will convene quarterly) and a technical committee (which will convene monthly) have been selected, and a meeting schedule has been set. The technical committee has already met twice so far, and both committees will next meet on September 27. For all the details, visit the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s CASA webpage.

Planners, policymakers, engineers, and scientists continue to raise awareness about the need for energy efficiency in building design and construction, a subject examined by Leslie Stewart in both this year’s and last year’s August/September edition. Another effort to promote better understanding of how local jurisdictions can support this cause happens on September 26 in Orinda, where the Bay Area Regional Energy Network Codes & Standards Program will host a free forum featuring presenters from government and industry.


The last of the obsolete military ships that were shedding toxic paint into Suisun Bay have been removed, closing the final chapter of the story Robin Meadows reported on in the June/July edition.





After this summer’s launch of Bay Area Greenprint, covered by Aleta George in the August/September edition, the organizing team for the online mapping tool have been demonstrating it to planners and other interested parties, both in person and online.

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